Wedding Insurance

Looking for insurance for your wedding in Philadelphia?

Mackley Insurance provides a robust insurance option for Wedding and Special Event insurance!

Weddings are expensive, so having insurance in place just makes sense, and it’s very inexpensive!

What Does Special Event Insurance Cover?

Travelers can help protect the investments you’ve made for your private event. We provide coverage for anniversary parties, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, baby showers and retirement parties.

A Travelers Special Event Insurance Policy can cover:

  • Cancellation or postponement of the event
  • Event photographs/video
  • Event gifts
  • Special attire
  • Special jewelry
  • Lost deposits
  • Liability insurance (optional coverage)
  • Liquor liability insurance (optional coverage)

Do I need a certificate of Insurance for my Event?

More venues are now requiring certificates of insurance for events. A certificate of insurance provides information about your coverage, and is often requested to validate liability insurance. Liability insurance can help protect your interests from unfortunate mishaps such as a slip and fall or damage to property at the event.

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