Car Insurance Accident Advice Use Your Phone

Car Insurance Accident Advice  Use Your Phone

Many times the first thing people do after an accident is to grab for their phone and call either the police or family member. One of the most important aspects for any claim adjuster is preservation of the evidence. In the case of a non serious accident with no property damage take pictures.

1. Photo the position of the cars in the road (especially important in lane change accidents)

If each driver contends the other came into their lane there is no way to prove it after the accident

2. Photo the license plate of the other car

Perhaps the other driver attempts to leave right away or shortly after the accident. Police can run a search to ID the registered owner

3. Photo the driver’s license of the parties involved

Maybe the other driver simply suggests they’ll give you their name and cell number and it’s completely made up. By the time you find out it’s too late

4. Photo the registration of the cars involved

Preserving the proof of the vehicle involved. If you see its expired you may be dealing with an uninsured motorist

5. Photo the insurance card of the parties involved

This will help get a jump start on your claim, especially if the other party is at fault. You won’t have to wait for the police report to get this information.

Many municipalities will no longer dispatch officers to the scene if there is minor damage and no injuries. Get the necessary information on your own and don’t let the at fault driver leave without it. You’ll be sorry later!

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